Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sensor Dome comes alive!!!!

I am proud to say that the Sensor Dome is up and running. Eyal Ohana and I were able to get both parts(audio and visual) to work seperately. Tomorrow we will get them to work together and build the structure that will house the light tile and the Sensor Dome. I uploaded two videos showing it working. I will add some pictures of the guts tomorrow.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! We are using a multiplexer to allow for 16 photocells in analog input.

Sensor Dome - Light Tile Test from Matt Richard on Vimeo.

Sensor Dome - Sound Test from Matt Richard on Vimeo.


  1. That looks like a fun project :)

    What is the dome made of? Kind of looks like a stainless steel bowl.

    Can't wait to talk with you about your projects!

  2. The dome is made out of plastic and it has a mirror coating. I want to mount it to a camera and record the reflections on the inside of the dome. The way the world warps and moves is wonderful.

  3. The beastie boys did a video in the hubcap of a car that was slowly driving down the street... I love the way reflections look as well. One of my favorite 'looks' was in Savannah, many of the buildings used coated double paned glass and the two layers would reflect the outside world slightly off from each other causing a shifting of the reflections as you walked by.

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