Wednesday, November 26, 2008

144 LED Color Tile Sketches

Recently I have been playing with a light that is made up of a 12x12 grid of RGB LEDs. I made a 5 minute video of most of the sketches I made in the last three days.

LED Color Tile Sketches from Matt Richard on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Robotic arm drawing machine

For our mid-term project in Physical Computing, Jim Lamiell, Kristen Loeb and I created a drawing machine using two servo motors and a little bit of inverse kinematics. We set out to draw a straight line using with a contraption in mind that would mimic a simplified human arm.

The first servo acts like the shoulder and is connected to an arm with another servo at the end that acts like an elbow. The second servo has is connected to another arm with a marker on the end that acts like the hand.

The trick is to tell the servos what angle to go to based on the position of the marker(mouse). This can be done using the law of cosines and inverse kinematics.

We were able to make it draw, but not a straight line. I remade the arms using a CAD program to make it much more precise. I will post another video when it is finished.

PComp Midterm: Drawing Machine from James Lamiell on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ICM final

I want to finish a drawing I started over the summer with processing.

I want to analyze this drawing of hair and then have processing draw similar forms pouring out into the white space of the master drawing.

I would also like to have the eyes to look in different positions.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Coin Flip and Dice Roll generators

Last week for my Crafting with Data class, I had to flip a coin one hundred times and record the results. My teacher told half the class to carry out the experiment and the other half to make up the results.

As I recorded my results I began to get excited about the outcome and cheered for tails(which ended up winning!). I recorded my results on graph paper in a 10x10 grid because I only had small sheets of graph paper. As the results came in, I wondered how the data would look if rendered in black and white squares. I redrew the data on graph paper and I figured it would only take a few moments to recreate the visualization in processing. So I did. I showed it to my Dad and he started talking about dice, so I made one for a six-sided die.

Here are the generators:
Coin Flip
Dice Roll

Sunday, November 2, 2008

28 Minutes Later

Every Tuesday at 4pm, all of the first years have a special class with Red Burns. The first half of the class is used to comment on the special guest the week before. During the second half of class a presenter speaks to us about what they do and then we are able to ask questions.

Last Tuesday, the group presentation consisted of an impromptu creation of video and sound by 9 groups of about 12 ITP students. Each group was given a specific task and the equipment needed to complete it. The groups then split off for 28 minutes to complete their task.

The files were collected, quickly edited and then presented to us.

My group was asked to create audio about a family vacation where a natural disaster occurs. I say "It's okay kids because we are at Old Faithful and it only goes off once an hour."

Warning - contains profanity :)

Ideas about Consciousness

Ze Frank, a popular internet icon, created a video about the way our conscious mind works. He sites elements from a New York Times article entitled, "Free Will: Now You Have It, Now You Don’t."

The article and Ze Frank both touch on a 1970's experiment by Benjamin Libet where he "...wired up the brains of volunteers to an electroencephalogram and told the volunteers to make random motions, like pressing a button or flicking a finger, while he noted the time on a clock." Libet found out that actions in the body occurred before areas in the conscious mind were aware, leading him to question the ideas of free will.