Sunday, November 2, 2008

28 Minutes Later

Every Tuesday at 4pm, all of the first years have a special class with Red Burns. The first half of the class is used to comment on the special guest the week before. During the second half of class a presenter speaks to us about what they do and then we are able to ask questions.

Last Tuesday, the group presentation consisted of an impromptu creation of video and sound by 9 groups of about 12 ITP students. Each group was given a specific task and the equipment needed to complete it. The groups then split off for 28 minutes to complete their task.

The files were collected, quickly edited and then presented to us.

My group was asked to create audio about a family vacation where a natural disaster occurs. I say "It's okay kids because we are at Old Faithful and it only goes off once an hour."

Warning - contains profanity :)

1 comment:

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