Saturday, November 8, 2008

Coin Flip and Dice Roll generators

Last week for my Crafting with Data class, I had to flip a coin one hundred times and record the results. My teacher told half the class to carry out the experiment and the other half to make up the results.

As I recorded my results I began to get excited about the outcome and cheered for tails(which ended up winning!). I recorded my results on graph paper in a 10x10 grid because I only had small sheets of graph paper. As the results came in, I wondered how the data would look if rendered in black and white squares. I redrew the data on graph paper and I figured it would only take a few moments to recreate the visualization in processing. So I did. I showed it to my Dad and he started talking about dice, so I made one for a six-sided die.

Here are the generators:
Coin Flip
Dice Roll


  1. Very cool, Matt. I have needed similar random bits of data to seed random numbers or passwords... it would be neat to generate a password based on colors rather than characters. I have also seen shape/pattern passwords which have nothing to do with your post, but I am mentioning it for some reason. :)

    Keep posting, I love reading.

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