Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Worm Boarding at Cottontail Hill

Worm Boarding at Cottontail Hill from Matt Richard on Vimeo.

This video has been sitting on my computer for far too long. It was recorded in January of 2006, and the sport of Worm Boarding lasted only for two days.

Upon finding a water heater box in a suburb of Washington DC, Adam Colton and I attempted to ride inside the box down hills. The first night we had no clue how to balance together and we were only able to travel 20 feet before crashing into a curb, rolling over, or just laughing too hard to continue. This did not deter us from understanding the mechanics of what would become known as "Worm Boarding".

On the second day of trial runs we made a breakthrough in balance technique. Undoubtedly Adam was better at steering, so he would lead. I was pretty good I being still and didn't mind not seeing where I was going, so I was a natural for the rear of the "Worm". A few more runs on lesser neighborhood hills and it was time to do what we knew we must, attempt to ride down Cottontail Hill from the top! This hill is so steep that when it snows it is well-nigh impossible to drive up. Adam C. being who he is, grabbed his camera and Adam S. provided a steady hand in filming.

We tried several times to no avail. Sadly, the box did not live past that day and no one has ever "Worm Boarded" since. I encourage all of you in trying to ride down a hill in a box. Since you are sitting, you have less distance to fall which means that it doesn't hurt, plus the box does a lot to save your skin. Be sure to wear clothes that cover, and always wear a helmet.

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