Monday, October 12, 2009

Foot Sensors for Longboarding Data

This week the goal was to make our data logging devises mobile if not wearable. I was unable to become fully detached from my computer for the data logging. However, I was able to make it mobile by using a small netbook to log the data, and keep it stored in my backpack while I went for a nice ride around Washington Square Park. The values were sent from the Arduino via serial communication, and Processing listened for the values and wrote them to a CSV(comma separated values) file. Next, I stuck the file into a program written by Dan O'Sullivan that graphs that data and allows the viewer to scroll through the data. If you look closely, you will see that my right foot makes more jumps than my left foot. This is because I push my longboard with my right foot :) Moving forward, I would like to find a better sensor for a more stable and wider range values. I found that the FSRs that I used were almost maxed out even when standing.

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