Sunday, October 25, 2009

Processing Maquette for my light sculpture

I am currently working on a 4x4 ft light sculpture for Danny Rozin's "Project Studio" class. The sculpture uses 40 servos to move 40 arms that each have 2 RGB LEDs at the tips. I am most interested in the way the light from the LEDs will mix together on the canvas, especially since I can control both the color of the light and it position. I uploaded a Processing sketch I made to visualize patterns and color sequences. This version focuses on movement patterns and not color. Drag the mouse on the screen to change the viewing angle.

Estrella Intersects the Plane from Matt Richard on Vimeo.


  1. the sketch never showed up here.

  2. Yeah, is having a hard time with OPENGL processing sketches. I will upload a video of the sketch to VIMEO and then link it to here.

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