Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fixing Physical Computing Homework

Thanks Kevin it seems to work :)

My brother Kevin, who lives in Florida and works as a Flash developer, had an idea about how to fix my code. He sent me a snippet of the void loop() section and I swapped it in and then rearranged the variables.

His idea was to check the switchState on every iteration of the for loop. Since switchState would only return 0 or 1(no or yes), he added the value of switchState to the lower of the two LED pins(pin 3) which were in pins 3 and 4.

Code snippet:
void loop() {
for (int i=10; i >= 1; i--){
// read the switch input at the beginning of
// each loop iteration
switchState = digitalRead(switchPin);
digitalWrite((ledPin + switchState), HIGH);
digitalWrite((ledPin + switchState), LOW);

Here is a video:

Physical Computing Week 1 Homework FIXED from Matt Richard on Vimeo.


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