Monday, September 22, 2008

ICM Homework Week 3

This week I was supposed to create classes and instantiate objects. Last week I tinkered with a random line drawing program. The way it works is simple:
1. pick a starting point
2. pick a point on an invisible circle
3. draw a line between points
3. the second point becomes the new starting point
4. repeat

I tried to limit the points on the circle so it was more like picking a point on the crust of a slice of pizza. I was attempting to make the movement smoother. What I got looked like a long tent pole that was unhinged and thrown onto the screen.

This was because I was using the random() function to pick a value. I switched to the noise() function and the result was much more fluid and ultimately cooler looking.

Clicking on the window resets the points to the mouse location.


  1. That is pretty cool, I like the odd bubbly motion of the worms/tubes.

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