Sunday, September 14, 2008

ICM Week 2 Homework part 2

My roommate, Jim Lamiell, had an assignment to create 4 squares representing the 4 quadrants of the stage. When the cursor is over a quadrant, that quadrant is black. When a cursor is not over a quadrant, it is gradually turning whiter, unless it is already white, in which case it remains white.

I wanted to recreate his project, but be able to change the total amount of squares and have it figure out all of the details. So I did. I used nested arrays and nested for loops to get it all to work. Not to mention the help of Jeremy and Thomas. Thanks guys :)

The example that I show has 256 squares. I am very excited for this little exercise because it has created a way to program matrices of LEDs for projects that I will be doing in the future.


  1. You say that it will help you to program matrices of LED's... does that include multiplexing?

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