Thursday, April 2, 2009

Color Tracking Fun! part 3

Back at it with color tracking and the gang. This time are sights are set on driving the streets of NYC in a virtual car. We had several immediate problems that made it impossible to work outside. It began raining and we were using an auto gain webcam which was making our lovely neon pink squares appear white.

We grabbed a better camera and headed to upper floors of Tisch to shoot in a larger location. The code was riddled with problems and made it nearly impossible to get satisfactory shots. Nevertheless, Winslow had an idea brewing and was able to stitch together a story of a class field trip.

Wicked Awesome!!! from Winslow Porter on Vimeo.

Elffervescence made a debut in the space scene, this time wearing a black background.

Angela's awesome documentation again.

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  1. Very inventive video. It looks like you are definitely having a great time at school.