Monday, April 13, 2009

Camera Futura

I was asked to think about the future of cameras and how they will impact or lives. I came up with a few ideas, some more distant then others.

Short Term
I think image stabilization could easily be improved by allowing the user to hold the shutter button down, but only firing the shutter when an accelerometer in the camera says that the camera is appropriately stable.

Medium Term
Through advances in image pattern recognition and optimization, new picture taking modes could exist that search for classical balance and proportion. Only when a composition presents itself that includes 20 golden rectangles can an image be captured. This would help amateur photographers better understand the principles of composition.

Long Term
The ability to compare dimensions, specifically in relation to your body, seems like a useful piece of information to be included in the photo. Which makes me wonder of the future of the photograph itself. In the future cameras will most assuredly capture information in a three dimensional format. Probably through the use of stereoscopic vision like our own eyes. This would weave the extra information into the display rather than simply including it in the Metadata.

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